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The earpieces are small hidden earphones that are inserted into the ear and cannot be seen by other people. They are used by spies, presenters, reporters, students, doormen, waiters...

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Showing 21 results

En PingaOculto, we are a store specialized in security products and we have a wide range of state-of-the-art devices to guarantee protection and discretion in various situations. Our main objective is to provide effective and reliable solutions to our clients, and one of the star products that we offer are the penguins. The penguins They are small wireless devices that are used primarily for covert communication. These devices are ideal for situations in which discretion is required, such as exams, presentations, meetings or any other circumstance in which it is necessary to receive information discreetly and without raising suspicion. In our online store we have earpieces of all kinds, of high quality and performance. They are designed to be comfortable to wear and offer excellent sound quality, ensuring clear communication without interruptions.

Are the earpieces detectable when using them?

Earpieces are designed to be as discreet as possible. Many models are very small and inserted deep into the ear, making them difficult to detect with the naked eye. However, depending on the model and how it is placed in the ear, it could be more or less visible. Additionally, in high security situations, there is equipment that can detect the presence of electronic devices, including earpieces.

What is the signal range of a penguin?

The signal range of a handset varies depending on the model and the technology it uses. If it is a Bluetooth-connected device, generally the range can be between 10 and 30 meters, depending on obstacles and walls. If the device works with radio frequency or other technologies, the range may be greater. It is important to consult the specifications of the specific model to get an accurate idea of ​​the range.

Where can I buy a reliable earpiece?

En Pingaoculto We are a store specialized in earphones. To purchase a reliable earpiece, visit our store. Discover our varied catalog that includes a range of discreet communication devices, including high-quality handsets.