MP3 for Earpieces

14,99 VAT Inc.

MP3 for earpieces with microSD slot to insert your recordings and 3.5mm headphone jack connector.

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MP3 earpieces
MP3 for Earpieces 14,99 VAT Inc.

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The MP3 for Pinganillos is the perfect accessory to use earpieces with recordings. It is compatible with all kinds of earphones or neckloops through 3.5mm jack plug. You can record and loop recordings without raising any suspicion. His impressive autonomy of up to 10 hours in just 18 grams of weight makes it a highly recommended accessory for the use of earpieces with headphone jack connection so that even if it is disconnected, the recording will not sound as it does not incorporate speakers.

*Requires a MicroSD not included. Supports microSD up to 32GB. 

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x MP3
  • 1 x MP3 Instructions


  • Reduced Size + Micro SD 📏🎧

The MP3 has a slim rectangular design for easy concealment. It requires a microSD not included where you can transfer the recordings from your computer or mobile.

  • Buttons to control Recordings (I.e.

The MP3 buttons allow you to switch between Previous/Next recording or Play/Pause recording, as well as pause/play and volume up/down.

  • Compatible with All Headphones 🦻

Although the MP3 is designed for use with a neckloop with a jack connector, they are also compatible with any other type of headphones or headset.

  • Autonomy of Hours 🔋

The autonomy of the MP3 is 10 hours depending on the volume. Full charge time is 1 hour.


  • Is it compatible with all earpieces?

No, it is compatible with models that have a headphone jack. The compatible models are: Nano, Nano V3, Vip Pro Mini, Vip Pro SuperMini and Vip Pro UltraMini.

  • How do I insert my recordings into the MP3? Can I record from the MP3?

To put the recordings in the MP3 you need a microSD (not included). You can transfer your recordings to the microSD from your computer or from your mobile.

  • Does it need batteries or is it battery operated? What autonomy does it have?

This MP3 does not need batteries to work as it incorporates a rechargeable battery (USB connector included). The autonomy of the MP3 is 10 hours depending on the volume. Remember that it should be turned off when not in use.


  1.  Insert the micro sd into the mp3 slot.
  2. Turn on the mp3 from the switch located on the back of it.
  3. Play the recordings and switch from the buttons.
  4. Remember to turn off the mp3 while you are not using it with the switch located on the back of it.

With the Kit you will receive the mp3 instructions for earpieces with illustrations and tips for use.

9 valuations MP3 for Earpieces

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  1. Anonymous -

    It works well

  2. John Q. -

    Although the buttons make some noise, it is perfect to hide it anywhere (unlike the mobile, which is very large).

  3. Samantha d. -

    very good for recordings

  4. Alvaro E. -

    you need micro sd, otherwise great

  5. Authorless -

    small and discreet perfect

  6. Lucia F. -

    just the accessory you needed for recordings

  7. Authorless -

    I did very well

  8. Jimmy Y. -

    It does not come with micro sd but I had one at home and it worked for me.

  9. Paul U. -

    Ideal for use in recordings.

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