Earpiece Nano V6

79,99U.S. $ - 90,99U.S. $ VAT Inc.

Nano V6 earpiece with GSM inductor collar. Insert a SIM card and the induction collar will act as a mobile, listening through the earpiece and communicating through the wired microphone.

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Earpiece Nano V6 79,99U.S. $ - 90,99U.S. $ VAT Inc.

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The Earpiece Nano V6 is the Smallest wireless earpiece on the market (3mm). Offers great sound quality while maintaining totally hidden inside the ear canal. Works only with phone calls for ourselves thanks to the Nano SIM card slot. The inducing collar becomes a mobile which we will call to keep the conversation hidden.

For phone calls includes a ultrasensitive external microphone concealable in the sleeve or in the neck and that Allows you to communicate through whispers.

The inducer collar has a integrated rechargeable battery. On autonomy is approximately 4 hours depending on the volume. No need to charge the Nano Earpiece because the inductor collar causes vibration in the earpiece, generating the sound. More information about its operation.

The Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini earpieces are oversized hidden earphones reduced with great volume and sound quality that allows its use even in noisy environments. Thanks to its conical shape and the ascending shape of the ear canal, totally hidden. They require a battery to work (2 included) and they contribute a autonomy of approximately 4 hours.

📦Kit Contents📦 

  • 2 x Nano earpieces
  • 1 x Nano V6 Inductor Collar
  • 1 x Extractor Bar
  • 1 x Puller Magnet
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini Earpiece*
  • 2 x 337 batteries*

*Included or not depending on the selected kit


  • Size of only 3 mm in diameter 📏🦻

The Earpiece Nano V6 is the smallest concealed earpiece model on the market. Its 3mm size, similar to a lentil, makes it 100% undetectable by being totally hidden.

  • Phone calls 📞🎤

Compatible with phone calls. The induction collar includes a Nano SIM card slot, transforming the Nano V6 into a mobile phone with which we can communicate.

  • External Microphone 🎤

The induction collar incorporates a wired microphone that we can hide in our sleeve or neck and communicate with whispers.

  • Induction Technology 📡

The induction collar transmits sound to the earpiece using induction technology. For this reason it is not necessary to charge the nano earpieces.

  • Autonomy of Hours 🔋

The autonomy of the Nano V6 induction collar is approximately 4 hours depending on the volume. The Kit works using a built-in lithium battery, and is charged using an included cable. It is not necessary to charge the Nano Earpiece because the inductive collar causes vibration in the earpiece, generating the sound.


  • How do these earpieces work? Can they be seen from the outside?

Earpieces that work with induction technology include an inductive collar or element. The inducing element will be located between the neck and chest, under our clothes, being completely hidden from other people. This piece emits inductive waves that when they reach the earpiece are transformed into vibration, causing sound. More info.

These earpieces are 100% hidden, being totally invisible to other people.

  • Is it easy to hide the inducing element under clothing? Can it be seen?

Yes, it is simpler than it seems and with a shirt, t-shirt or polo it will be completely hidden. The inducing element cannot be seen because it will be completely hidden under clothing.

  • Is it difficult to remove the nano earpiece? It is safe?

No, with the help of the extractor bar and the extractor magnet, the nano earpiece is really easy to remove by following the instructions. Under no circumstances may it remain inside the ear.

The nano earpiece is completely safe as it does not include any internal electronic component in the headset, since it works due to the material it is made of, reacting to the inductive waves of the collar or inductive element. It has an appropriate size to ensure safety in use and introduction into the ear canal.

  • How is the nano earpiece inserted? How do we know if it is well inserted?

To introduce the nano earpiece we must tilt our head and drop the earpiece into the ear canal. Maintaining the position we must shake our head slightly until we notice that it has entered correctly.

To know if it has been inserted correctly, we must notice the sensation of a drop of water entering the ear and the ear being plugged. We can check that it has been inserted correctly by only bringing the extractor bar closer; if the earpiece is extracted it means that we have not inserted it correctly. A single earpiece in the left ear is sufficient in most cases.

  • Can we regulate the volume of the earpiece? Can you hear from outside?

Yes, we can adjust it by moving the inducing element of the earpiece closer or further away to increase or decrease the volume respectively.

It is impossible to hear it from the outside because the earpiece stays inside the ear.

  • Does it incorporate a microphone?

Yes, it includes a wired microphone that we can place on our sleeve or neck to communicate with whispers.

  • Do I have to charge the nano earpiece?

No, the nano earpiece works by induction sounding by the physical law of attraction of metals. Therefore, it works due to the material from which it is made and not by electrical energy. More info.

  • Does it need batteries or is it battery operated? What autonomy does it have?

The autonomy of the Nano V6 inductor collar is approximately 4 hours depending on the volume and includes a rechargeable battery. Remember that the induction collar must be turned off after use. The Nano V6 Earpiece does not require a charge when it works by induction.


  1. Remove the pin code from the Nano SIM card. Each mobile is different, you can help yourself from Google by searching for example: how to remove the SIM pin in (mobile brand/model).
  2. Insert the Nano SIM card of our mobile into the V6 module slot. The inducer collar will turn on automatically when you insert the Nano SIM card.
  3. Place the Kit on the body as indicated in the Use Diagram.
  4. Insert only one earpiece into the left ear: Turn your head 90º so that the ear where we are going to insert the earpiece is facing upwards. Next, drop the earpiece into your ear and, maintaining the same position, shake your head until you feel the earpiece enter your ear and become "plugged". It may be necessary to distribute it several times. The sensation when it enters correctly is similar to a drop of water falling through the ear canal and/or a clogged ear. If it comes out when you turn your head, it's not well inserted.
  5. When the inductor kit is placed on the body and the nano earpiece is inserted in the left ear, we must make a call to the SIM phone number. After two rings it will be answered automatically and we can communicate.
  6. After use, turn off the inductor collar by removing the Nano SIM card and remove the nano earpiece by repeating step 4 in reverse using the extractor bar with the extractor magnet at the base of it.

With the Kit you will receive the nano v6 earpiece instructions with illustrations and tips for use.

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  1. Lorezno M. -

  2. Anonymous -

    everything went well

  3. Anonymous -

    We only used the nano earpiece, because the other one gave the sensation that it could be heard a little from outside. The Nano was a complete success, we used it twice. When we tried it inside the house, even though we went end to end, there was a lot of interference. A very annoying buzz. But when we use it, my son in high school and I at home, everything is perfect. As I was on the phone, I had to yell a bit for him to hear me properly, but that wasn't a problem. The best investment we have made to pass that subject that chokes you.

  4. Authorless -

    All perfect. Many thanks to the WhatsApp guys for advising me

  5. Anonymous -

    Works perfectly.

  6. Ernest I. -

    I did very well

  7. Miguel A. -

    I needed to leave the cell phone out of class and it's perfect because the sim is inserted directly into the pot. Very good

  8. Anonymous -

    Good performance

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