Batteries 379 SR521SW Earpiece Vip Pro UltraMini

7,99 - 12,99 VAT Inc.

Batteries 379 SR521SW for Vip Pro UltraMini Earpiece.

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Batteries 379 SR521SW Earpiece Vip Pro UltraMini 7,99 - 12,99 VAT Inc.

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Batteries 379 SR521SW Earpiece Vip Pro UltraMini with a excellent autonomy and quality. Its Compatible with the Vip Pro UltraMini earpiece.

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 4/10 x 379/SR521SW Batteries


  • Autonomy of Hours 🔋

High quality 379/SR521SW batteries have a battery life of approximately 4 hours per cell depending on volume. Remember to disconnect the battery after use.

  • Best Brands ⚡

To ensure autonomy and user experience, at PingaOculto we only work with the best brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What earpiece are they compatible with?

They are compatible with the Vip Pro UltraMini earpiece.

  • What autonomy do they have?

The autonomy is approximately 4 hours depending on the volume. The earpiece only needs one battery to work.


  1.  Unscrew the earpiece cap and insert a battery into the earpiece with the positive pole facing up. Then carefully screw on the cap. Remember that you should never insert the earpiece without the battery or you will not be able to remove it.
  2. Remove the battery from the earpiece after use, since it is consumed even if it is not being used.

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  1. Anonymous -

    They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I had bought everywhere in my town and there was the green rubber. These being well do not interfere. Thank you

  2. Anonymous -


  3. Albert -

    the right product

  4. Authorless -

    I use one per exam and they go very well

  5. Anonymous -

    great fast delivery

  6. Alice L. -


  7. Anonymous -

    All good

  8. Authorless -

    I'm late but they are very good

  9. Waldemar M. -


  10. Anonymous -

    they are going well

  11. john a. -

    Just in case lol

  12. Anonymous -

    I arrive a day later than expected but they are complicated dates

  13. Anonymous -

    They go very well, you just have to remember to remove it if you don't use the Earpiece.

  14. Alejandra S. -

    they are going very well

  15. Laura I -

    I recommend having saved for urgent occasions

  16. Frederick O. -

    Must have in case they wear out

  17. Authorless -

    They work great on the vip pro ultramini

  18. Authorless -

    Do not leave them on when you do not use it, they wear out

  19. Authorless -


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