External Microphone + Adapter

9,99 VAT Inc.

External Wired Microphone + 3.5mm Jack Adapter compatible with 3.5mm Nano, Nano V3 and Vip Pro Jack models.

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External Microphone with Earpiece Adapter
External Microphone + Adapter 9,99 VAT Inc.

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The External Microphone + Jack Adapter are the perfect solution for phone calls with earpieces. Thanks to the highly sensitive external microphone you can communicate even with whispers. It is compatible with all types of headphones with a headphone jack connection and does not require charging.

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x External Microphone Cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm Jack Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • Reduced Size🎧📏

The external microphone and the Jack adapter have a reduced size to facilitate their use. Plus, you can remove the microphone pad to reduce its size even further.

  • Phone Call and Recording 📞⏺

Support phone calls or recordings. When connecting to the mobile phone calls have no distance limit. We will listen through the hidden earpiece and communicate through the external microphone.

  • High Quality Microphone 🎤

The ultra-sensitive external microphone that can be concealed on the sleeve or on the neck records even the quietest sounds with great quality. Allows you to communicate through whispers. The microphone hood can be removed to reduce its size and includes a clip to secure it.

  • Universal 3.5mm Jack Connector 🔧

Connection via 3.5mm Jack to any smartphone or MP3 including any Android mobile or iPhone.

  • Compatible with All Headphones 🔊

Although the Kit is designed for use with a concealed earpiece, you can also use it with any other type of earphone or headset to increase its functionality.

  • Does not require charging

Both the external microphone and the adapter are powered by the power of the connected mobile or MP3 player.


  • How does the external microphone work?

The Kit includes an adapter from the headphone jack to two outputs, one that transmits the sound where we will connect the earpiece or headset and another where the microphone is connected.

  • Is it compatible with all earpieces?

No, it is only compatible with models that have a headphone jack. The compatible models are: Nano, Vip Pro, Vip Pro Mini and Vip Pro UltraMini. Cannot be used with bluetooth models.

  • What is the best way to place the external microphone?

The external microphone must be placed in the place closest to the mouth to improve sound capture. We can remove the cap to make it smaller and store it in places such as the sleeve or the collar of the shirt or polo shirt. We must adapt it according to the clothes.

  • Can I remove the hood of the external microphone?

Yes, in fact, it is advisable to hide it and make it smaller.

  • Does the external microphone need batteries?

No, the external microphone and adapter are powered directly from the connected mobile/mp3 connector.


  1. Connect the jack adapter to the mobile or mp3.
  2. Connect the external microphone to the red adapter connector.
  3. Connect the earphone or induction collar to the green adapter connector.

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  1. Authorless -

    The Kit works very well. I had an earpiece from a long time ago and since the microphone was not very close to my mouth I could not use it well in calls but with this it is fixed

  2. Sofi M. -

    I bought the Nano without a microphone and then I had to buy it and it improves a lot

  3. Lorraine D. -

    If you have an earpiece without a microphone this is perfect

  4. Cesar Q. -

    Much better quality than the normal one that comes in earpieces

  5. Authorless -

    Perfect, the improvement is noticeable

  6. Authorless -

    I asked for the kit without the microphone but then I bought it and now it can be used with a phone call fine

  7. Authorless -

    For me a basic if you use it with call the earpiece

  8. Jorge J. -

    You say the questions, they answer you and the exam is approved!

  9. Lourdes G. -

    Thank you very much, it was great

  10. Authorless -

    10/10 everything

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