Bluetooth Inductor Piece + Vip Pro Earpiece

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Bluetooth Inductor Piece with Integrated Microphone for use with phone calls or recordings

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BT Piece Earring Vip Pro Super-UltraMini Earpiece Hidden
Bluetooth Inductor Piece + Vip Pro Earpiece 73,99CHF VAT Inc.

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The Bluetooth Inductor Piece + Vip Pro Earpiece is one of the most discreet models on the market, having a secret operation thanks to its small size and its many concealment possibilities. It works both with recordings and with phone calls by connecting the induction collar via bluetooth to a mobile/mp3. we should always keep the bluetooth inductor piece close to the earpiece, placing it hidden under clothing and attached to the body with adhesive tape or tape.

For phone calls includes a integrated microphone which Allows you to communicate through whispers.

The bluetooth inductor piece is charged via the included usb cable. La autonomy is approximately 3 hours for the bluetooth inductor part and 4 hours approximately the penguin depending on the volume. The Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini earpieces are oversized hidden earphones reduced with great volume and sound quality that allows its use even in noisy environments. Thanks to its conical shape and the ascending shape of the ear canal, totally hidden. They require a battery to work (2 included).

📦Kit Contents📦 

  • 1 x Bluetooth Inductor Piece
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini Earpiece
  • 2 x 337/379 batteries
  • 1 x Vip Pro UltraMini Pinganillo Extractor Bar*

*Included or not depending on the selected kit


  • Ultra discreet🕵️‍♀️

The Bluetooth Inducer Piece for Earpieces has a secret operation and a small size.

  • Phone call and recording 📞🎤

Support phone calls or recordings. By connecting to your mobile phone calls have no distance limit. We will listen through the earpiece and communicate through the microphone.

  • Universal Bluetooth connection ????

Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to any smartphone, including any Android or iPhone mobile. Its operation is similar to that of a hands-free.

  • Induction Technology 📡

Using induction technology, the induction collar transmits the sound to the hidden earpiece. To amplify the sound the headset requires a battery. 2 batteries included.

  • Autonomy of Hours 🔋

The autonomy of the bluetooth inductor piece is approximately 3 hours depending on the use and that of the earpiece battery is approximately 4 hours. The Kit includes 2 batteries, although it only needs one battery to work. The bluetooth inductor part is powered by built-in lithium battery, and is charged by USB.


  • How does this earpiece work? Can the penguin be seen from the outside?

The earpieces that work with induction technology include an inductor collar where we will connect our mobile/mp3. This induction collar will be placed around the neck under our clothes, being totally hidden from the rest of the people. This piece emits inductive waves that are amplified by the earpiece, generating the sound. Learn more.

This earpiece is 100% hidden due to the ascending shape of the ear canal and cannot be seen from the outside.

  • Is it easy to hide the bluetooth inducing piece under clothing? Can it be seen?

Yes, it is easier than it seems and with a shirt, T-shirt or polo it will be completely hidden.

  • Is it difficult to remove the vip pro ultramini earpiece? Can it stay inside the ear?

No, the vip pro ultramini earpiece is really easy to extract with the included extractor bar. Remember that you should never insert the earpiece without the battery in the ear or you will not be able to remove it.

  • How do you put the battery? How do we know if it is well placed?

To insert the battery into the earpiece we must unscrew the base of the earpiece and place the battery with the positive pole facing up. Finally, screw the base of the earpiece back on.

If the battery is inserted correctly we will hear a sound similar to a radio without tuning when bringing the earpiece closer to the ear.

  • Does the inductor bluetooth inductor piece have a battery?

Yes, the induction collar is powered by the integrated battery. A charging cable is included and its autonomy is approximately 3 hours.

  • Can we regulate the volume of the earpiece? Can you hear from outside?

Yes, we can regulate it with the volume of the mobile/mp3.

It is impossible to hear it from the outside because the earpiece stays inside the ear and emits a slight sound.

  • Does it incorporate a microphone?

Yes, it incorporates an integrated microphone sufficient to communicate through whispers.

  • Do you need batteries? What autonomy does it have?

The vip pro earpiece requires 1 battery (two are included in the Kit). The autonomy of the Earpiece Vip Pro is approximately 4 hours depending on the volume. Remember to disconnect the battery after use.

The bluetooth inductor piece is charged via the included usb cable. Its autonomy is approximately 3 hours.


  1.  Unscrew the earpiece cap and insert a battery into the earpiece with the positive pole facing up. Then carefully screw on the cap. Remember that you should not insert the earpiece into the ear without the battery or you will not be able to remove it.
  2. Press and hold the button on the bluetooth inductor piece until the lights flash.
  3. Search the mobile for the bluetooth device: "GB-T01"
  4. Place the Kit on your body as indicated in the Usage Diagram.
  5. Insert the earpiece in the ear for better hearing. It is normal for you to hear a sound similar to a radio out of tune when it is turned on.
  6.  Play a song on your mobile or mp3 and turn up the volume on the mobile to check its operation.
  7. Finally, extract the earpiece with the extractor bar included and remove the battery while you are not using it, since if it is inserted it will continue to be consumed. Remember to turn off the bluetooth inductor piece by holding the button for at least 6 seconds.

With the Kit you will receive the bluetooth inductor piece instructions with illustrations and tips for use.


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  1. Anonymous -

    He saved me an exam that I was going to fail yes or yes. The inducing piece is wonderful, tiny as a battery, I stuck it on my chest with adhesive tape, the multitasking button is great. The ultra mini earpiece, another marvel, is not visible at all. Conclusion: super happy.

  2. Lucas H. -

    Very very good and it arrived the next day

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