Smoke Detector Spy Camera 2MP Wifi

108,99U.S. $ VAT Inc.

Hidden camera in smoke detector with Full HD resolution, night vision and Wifi.

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Smoke Detector Spy Camera
Smoke Detector Spy Camera 2MP Wifi 108,99U.S. $ VAT Inc.

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The 2MP Wifi Spy Camera Smoke Detector is a multifunctional device that combines the functionality of a smoke detector with a high quality spy camera. With amazing features, it gives you a complete security solution for your home or office.

With a single touch, you can record and photograph whenever. Whether you need to capture a quick image or record an important video, this device makes it happen with ease. The recording capacity while charging ensures you don't run out of power at critical times. Simply connect the device to a power source and you can continue recording without interruption. The autonomy in case of using it without connecting is 1,5 hours of video recording.

The function of remote video in network through Wi-Fi allows you to access and control the camera conveniently from anywhere with the HDSmart IPC app. Whether you're at home, in the office, or even on the go, you can keep an eye on your space and gain greater peace of mind. It is compatible with iPhone IOS and Android phones, allowing you to use it with your preferred device without compatibility issues. The connection settings are fast and simple The video function of point-to-point direct connection It allows you to access the camera directly and quickly, without the need for a Wi-Fi network. This can be useful in situations where Internet connectivity is not available.

The 2MP Wifi Spy Camera Smoke Detector offers dynamic videos, which means that you can record in light and dark environments. No matter the lighting conditions, you will always have sharp and detailed images thanks to its night vision.

The AVI video format and the 1080P/720P Full HD resolution guarantee impressive video quality. You will be able to capture all the important details clearly and sharply. With a 1/4 CMOS image sensor» and an SNR of 48db, this device offers excellent image quality. Every detail will be captured with precision and clarity. For storage supports microSD up to 128GB.

With dimensions of 10 x 4 cm (diameter x height), this device is compact and discreet. It blends seamlessly into any setting without drawing unwanted attention.

In short, the 2MP Wifi Spy Camera Smoke Detector is a versatile and powerful device that combines the functionality of a smoke detector with a spy camera high quality. With its easy setup, recording-on-charge capability, and advanced remote video features, it provides you with a complete security solution. It doesn't matter if you need to monitor your home, your office or any other space, this device offers you peace of mind and protection. Acquire the Smoke Detector Spy Camera 2MP Wifi and keep your spaces safe at all times!

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x Smoke Detector Spy Camera 2MP Wifi
  • 2 x Plugs and Screws for Fixing
  • 1 x USB Charge and Transfer Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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  1. Anonymous -

    It was difficult to install but it works perfectly.

  2. Claire H. -


  3. Gabriela Hernandez -

    The delivery man called me, he was on my block but he couldn't find my apartment, he took my instructions and I finally had my product in good condition.

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