Hidden Wifi Spy Camera For Exams

149,99 - 219,99 VAT Inc.


Spy Camera to transmit remotely with HD quality from anywhere in the world. Buttons included to hide in clothing.

📹 Video Tutorial 🔴

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Hidden Wifi Spy Camera in Clothes for Exams with Earpiece PingaOculto
Hidden Wifi Spy Camera For Exams 149,99 - 219,99 VAT Inc.

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The Hidden Wifi Spy Camera for Exams has a very small size of only 3 x 2,5cm and 0,8 x 0,8cm lens, great to see computer screens or exams thanks to a 90º angle and high HD image quality. It has two modes of use:

  • Local mode: Local connection by Wi-Fi from the mobile to the camera to be able to watch the video from an application. In addition, you can enter a microSD for continuous recording.
  • Remote mode: The camera connects to a wifi network (it can be a router or a wifi network that we create with the mobile) and can be seen remotely and live from anywhere in the world with internet from a mobile using an application.

The camera can be hidden in any item of clothing thanks to the included buttons in the Kit. The central module of the camera can be glued to the skin using adhesive tape or similar to improve its fixation. Includes integrated microphone, night vision, 90º lens as well as the integrated battery has a autonomy of approximately 3 hours.

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x Wifi Spy Camera
  • 1 x Button Kit
  • 1 x Clothes Fixing Piece
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x 5V/1A EU charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

+ Content of the chosen Earpiece. You can check it on the earpiece product page.


  • Super reduced size of only 5mm (1mm lens size) (I.e.
  • 90º Wide Angle Lens 📐
  • Camera Integrated into Buttons for Clothes ◾👚
  • HD 1080P Quality Folios 📄 and Screens 📹
  • ASF/AVI video format 🎥
  • Micro SD slot (Up to 128GB) (I.e.
  • Integrated Microphone 🎤
  • Night Vision 🟢
  • Photo / Recording function 📷
  • Wi-Fi / Internet connection (I.e.
  • Autonomy of 3 Hours 🔋


  • Can it be viewed from anywhere with internet? How can I see the image?

Yes, this camera connects to a Wi-Fi network, either a router or a Wi-Fi network created with the mobile, and sends the live image over the Internet. It can be viewed by anyone anywhere with internet and a mobile.

  • Is it of sufficient quality to be able to read a text on paper or on a computer screen?

Yes, the camera has 1080p/720p HD quality which is enough to be able to read texts both on paper and on a computer. The camera focuses at a medium distance, its use being optimal as a button on a shirt or similar.

  • How much autonomy do you have?

The autonomy is 3 hours. To charge the camera you must use the micro USB cable included in the Kit.

  • Is it difficult to use the camera?

No, it includes the instructions spy camera wifi button with detailed illustrations and steps to set it up easily.

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  1. Anonymous -

    Both the support and the customer service are great. I had some problem for the connection and they solved me quickly. The camera was also damaged but they sent me a new one without any problem. Satisfied Customer.

  2. Anonymous -

  3. Anonymous -

    The camera took me a bit to get going but when you pair it it goes very well. the perfect earpiece

  4. Anonymous -

    The camera is very good, following the instructions it is easy to configure and works perfectly, good quality is not 1080 but 720p if the camera is very good

  5. Anonymous -

    Very well everything

  6. Anonymous -

    It worked super well

  7. Alexander G. -

    The attention is very good and punctual, I tried the camera because the truth is that I have seen some identical ones for a higher price, and this one has good quality and if there is good internet it is also fluid.
    The best option, no doubt. I hope this review serves to clarify doubts.

  8. Anonymous -

    It works very well but it took me a bit to connect it. The guys have helped me by WhatsApp but a video tutorial would be nice

  9. Anonymous -

    Perfect Camera. You hide it in a button on your shirt and someone else sees it on their mobile from anywhere with the internet. Thank you for the product and for the attention by WhatsApp

  10. Anonymous -

    As is

  11. Anonymous -

    I did well

  12. Anonymous -

    All good, just a little complex when synchronizing

  13. Anonymous -

    Fast and punctual delivery. I had problems configuring, I think like the vast majority of the comments I see, but WhatsApp explained it to me perfectly. Very attentive and involved. Totally recommended.

  14. Anonymous -

    Just what I was looking for was for my friend to see the exam from a mobile application at home. The camera connects to the Wi-Fi that you create with your mobile and with that internet it goes online, you tell your friend some passwords for the application and they can see it

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