Recorder Player

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Feature-rich, high-quality recorder with built-in speaker.

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Recorder Player (1)
Recorder Player 98,99U.S. $ VAT Inc.

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The Player Recorder is a versatile and powerful device that will allow you to capture and play audio with ease and high quality. With a high definition recording 1536 Kbps, you can enjoy exceptional clarity in your recordings. Additionally, this recorder offers the option of record in MP3, WAV or PCM format, giving you the flexibility to tailor the recording quality to your needs. His 8 GB storage allows the recording of between 6-583 hours depending on the selected recording quality. The 200mAh battery allows fast charging in 2-3 hours and offers a autonomy of up to 35 hours.

With an intuitive and functional design, the Player Recorder has a record button and playback button, allowing you to start and stop recording or play your files quickly and easily. Besides, the recording sensitivity is adjustable to adapt it to different environments and audio sources.

The security of your files is a priority, that's why Recorder Player offers password protection, ensuring that only you can access and manage your recordings. Plus, the key lock prevents accidental touches, ensuring your settings and files stay intact.

If you need to schedule a recording at a specific time, the timer recording function it's perfect for you. Just set the desired time and duration, and the recorder will automatically start recording based on your settings.

La voice activated recording function is ideal for capturing important conversations or events without having to press any buttons. The recorder will automatically wake up when it detects sound and stop when the audio has stopped, optimizing storage capacity and saving playback time.

The Player Recorder is a multilingual device that supports up to 28 different languages, which makes it an ideal option for users of different nationalities and cultures. You can select your preferred language in the settings menu and enjoy a more personalized experience.

El recording monitor allows you to view the audio level in real time during recording, helping you adjust sensitivity for optimal results. Besides, the automatic section jump function Automatically splits recordings into different files, making it easy to organize and find specific content.

The Player Recorder also offers the possibility of record and upload files simultaneously, allowing you to maximize efficiency and save time. Besides, the usb data transmission gives you a quick and easy way to transfer your recordings to your computer or other compatible devices.

Finally, the Player Recorder has a built-in hi-fi speaker, which reproduces audio with exceptional quality. Whether you want to listen to your recordings directly from the recorder or use headphones for a more private experience, you'll enjoy clear, room-filling sound.

In short, Recorder Player is a complete and reliable tool for capturing and playing audio. With its high-definition recording, advanced features, and security options, it gives you the flexibility and performance you need for your recording needs. Either for personal, professional or educational use, this recorder is your perfect companion to record important moments and enjoy exceptional audio anytime, anywhere.

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  • 1 x Recorder Player
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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    The simplest thing I could find

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    Very good

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