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Our products are designed to all those people who need to keep a conversation hidden or listen undetectable in front of other people. The most common customer profiles are: Students for exams, Security Companies, Labor Conflicts, Judicial Evidence, Actors, Presenters...

Most likely yes because We ship to virtually every country in the world. You can consult more information here or contact us.

Our shipments are 100% discreet. The package does not have any markings or shipping labels indicating its contents. In addition, they carry adhesive closure to be opened and closed again.

We have Urgent shipments with delivery in 24 hours for Spain, 2-4 days in Europe and 3-6 days to the Rest of the World. More information here.

You will receive a email with subject "Note added to your Order..." with the link and tracking number. If you have not received it in 48 hours, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, when ordering, please select the in-store pickup option

You can also request the delivery in a post office Spain. You only have to indicate the address of the office (you can find it at Google Maps) e indicate in the “Order Note” field that the shipment is to Correos.

The payment methods available on the web are debit/credit card, PayPal and cash on delivery (only available in Spain Peninsula). You can check more information here.

Yes, all products have a 2 year minimum warranty, extendable up to 3 years in the case of Spain by regulations.

Of course! We offer various communication channels so that you can contact us and we can offer you advice or assistance when you receive your product.

You must contact us as soon as possible through any of the communication channels so that we can modify the address in our system.

You must contact us as soon as possible through any of the communication channels so that we can modify the product in the order.

To return a product you must contact us by email within 14 days indicating the order number and the reason for it. You can consult more information about the return policy here.

Most common questions

Spy Products

All the earpieces that we sell in PingaOculto they are completely hidden in the ear and they have a volume range optimized so that it cannot be heard from outside.

No, the induction technology used in all our Earpieces allows sound is only transmitted within a range of 20-30 centimeters from the induction collar. Thus the inhibitor does not pick up the signal. If the inhibitor is for telephone calls, it will prevent communication on the mobile. The use of inhibitors is really rare by regulation. You can consult more information here.

Our earpieces are equalized to offer the perfect quality to understand a human voice, either from recordings or from a phone call.

Our earpieces work by induction technology, which ensures your operation even with inhibitors y autonomies of minimum 3 hours. More information here.

En PingaOculto we've Add labels to the Pinganillo category pages according to the functionalities what you need See all the earpieces here.

El Nano or Magnet earpiece does not require a battery or recharging to work because of the material from which it is made. It reacts to the inductive waves of the induction collar by vibrating and causing the sound.

El Earpiece Vip Pro requires a battery to work and have an autonomy of approximately 4 hours.

El Vip Pro HiperMini earpiece is rechargeable using the included charging box.

Not because the collar or inductor element transmits at a short distance (20-40 centimeters) for safety. Each person must wear a necklace or inductor element on the neck and an earpiece in his ear.

Yes you can make a phone call from 3 people and that one, two or all 3 people use an earpiece.

Yes, the induction technology used in all our Earpieces allows sound is transmitted in a range of 20-40 centimeters from the induction collar avoiding interference.

No, the induction collar must be in the neck hidden under the clothes because it transmits the sound to the penguin at a short distance (20-40 centimeters).

Yes, GSM inductor collars act as a mobile only being necessary to insert the SIM card when making phone calls. can also be used other inductor collars for recordings by connecting them to an MP3.

It is legal to record video with a spy camera or camcorder as long as you get the consent or be informed with a sign video surveillance area. It can influence to this legality if they are public or private areas. If the camera also records audio, we have to deactivate its use in the vast majority of cases, since it is illegal to capture private conversations in which we do not participate.

*According to Spanish Regulations

It is legal to record a conversation, even without notifying other people, as long as we participate in the conversation. This is because if other people voluntarily agree to talk to us, they are responsible for everything they say.

It is not legal record a conversation in which we did not participate without consent of those people we are recording.

*According to Spanish Regulations

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