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The Earpiece Exams allows communicate covertly and totally discreetly in an exam. can be used with recordings, call or with a hidden camera.

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Showing 21 results

Pinganillo Exams: Discretion in your evaluation

With the Spy Earpiece Exams, unlocks a higher level of discretion in evaluation situations. This device allows you to communicate hiddenly and without raising suspicion during an exam. Whether through pre-recordings, discreet calls or even in combination with a hidden camera, this earpiece offers an effective and stealthy way to obtain information. Keep your focus on success while using this ingenious tool that adapts to your needs and gives you a strategic advantage at critical evaluation moments.

How does a earpiece work in an exam?

Although some people call them penganillo, nano earpiece or earpiece pro, in essence, the devices used to cheat on exams operate under the same principle. Their main function is to receive information instead of transmitting it, which makes them practically undetectable.

The operation process involves a mobile phone and an induction collar. The mobile phone acts as the transmission source, communicating with the handset wirelessly through Bluetooth induction devices or even through a cable, simulating the function of a hands-free device.

What types of Earphones Exams are available in PingaOculto?

You can access the following types of earpieces: