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What is an Spy Earpiece?

The earpieces are wireless headphones with very small size for prevent them from being detected For other people. 🕵️‍♀️ This type of headset can be connected to different audio devices such as telephones , MP3, to listen recordings, calls, etc. At our 100% hidden earpieces online store we have nano earpieces, vip pro mini, bluetooth earpiece, earpiece with camera...

La induction technology 📡 along with the Bluetooth allows you to generate sound without the need to use cables, therefore, a wireless earpiece facilitates the discreet listening anywhere. The hidden earphone that we will insert into the ear will be our best secret.

What is a hidden earpiece for?

There are many uses that we can give to an earpiece invisible. In general, what this type of device allows us is hear sounds coming from phones  through Bluetooth technology and induction, therefore, we can use them to listen to music, other people's voice through calls 📞, the audio of videos, recordings of voice 🎙, etc.

The main characteristic of a hidden earpiece is that goes unnoticed by other people, that is why they are usually used in circumstances in which we want to listen in a discreet way, preventing other people from perceiving that we are using an audio aid. In addition, we have available to buy earpiece with microphone for communicating. 😎

Buy earpieces in the online store PingaOculto

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En PingaOculto we offer you a selection of audio devices so you can buy the earpiece you need. We have the more discreet models, with which you can regulate the volume of the audio and enjoy a clean sound, while wearing a discreet wireless headset. 😁

Not only do we offer you a wide selection of earpieces, we also offer you the best price on these types of devices. You can connect them with any Smartphone through headphone jack or Bluetooth, so you can listen in all kinds of circumstances with total security. 🔐

Types of Spy Earpiece

In the catalog PingaOculto we offer you different audio and video devices. All the 100% hidden earpieces that you can buy in our online store have the adequate size to not be seen.👁‍🗨

En PingaOculto We offer you the following types: 

with induction

The earpieces with induction provide new technology resistant to most inhibitors. Compared to other technologies, they emit a short distance inductive wave with a range of only 20-40 centimeters. In PingaOculto we are aware of the gran ventaja What does resistance to an inhibitor mean? we apply this technology in all products. 😉

In addition, a guaranteed sound quality superior to other brands thanks to the equalization of each nano and vip pro earpiece in the factory, achieving the better value for money. 💸

With Bluetooth

The earpieces with bluetooth They are designed to be able to use a wireless audio device. Unlike traditional audio outputs, a Bluetooth earpiece does not need to be physically connected to your mobile phone, since it using wireless technology can be transmit sound which produces the mobile phone directly to headset. 📶

The main advantage of earpieces with bluetooth is that they are more discreet, because it is not perceived no connection between mobile and headsetTherefore, it is impossible to detect its use.

Another advantages of earpieces that use Bluetooth technology is that they allow you to obtain a clear, noise-free audio. Unlike other technologies, Bluetooth generates clear sound.

For Exams

The earpieces for exams They are designed to go unnoticed. In this case we are looking for a wireless and discreet headset for that cannot be detected, the earpieces in our catalog are designed to go undetectedThat's why they are perfect for exams. 💯

Another of the conditions that this type of earpiece meets is the quality of the audio. Despite their small size, these headphones guarantee a sound quality more than enough to maintain hidden communication, that's why they are perfect for use in exams. 📋

All include a necklace with microphone that picks up the ambient sound, therefore, the communication is very easy and facilitates both listening and issuing information. 🎙 

With camera

Also in our online store We have spy cameras, capable of emitting videos remotely silently. The cameras are attached to commonly used devices, such as pens or glasses 👓, in addition, we offer cameras of small size so you can attach them to any clothing and use them with a vip pro ultramini earpiece for example.📷

All the models you will find in PingaOculto they guarantee you a exceptional image quality. Despite the small size of the camera, all our imaging devices allow you to record with absolute sharpness in any circumstance. 🕵️‍♀️

Professional Earpieces

If you are looking for totally hidden earpieces professionals for detectives or to use for work purposes, riding a PingaOculto We offer you the solution you need spy earpiece amazon. ✔

We have the more advanced earpieces for professional use. In these cases it is essential that the audio works correctly in all circumstances, and that the earpiece is also undetectable, if you need a wireless audio device for your work and you are looking for a professional quality earpiece, riding a PingaOculto We offer you the solution you need at the best price, with the guarantee of a leading brand in hidden audio devices. 🦻


Regarding use and purchase of the earpiece some doubts arise which we are going to solve next:

To use an earpiece in an exam as an electronic cheat sheet we can make a phone call and communicate with whispers, play recordings or use a spy camera and tell us about the earpiece. The use of this is usually not allowed. We recommend reviewing the regulations and possible penalties. 😎

A hidden earpiece works by reproducing the call or recording that allows us to maintain communication with a person or listen to audios without being discovered. 📱

The earpieces we sell are small and hidden for them to be undetectable. There are many types, Nano, Vip Pro, Bluetooth, Wifi Camera... 📹

The battery is approx. 3-4 horas depending on the volume. There are ways to get more autonomy quickly. Ask us 😉

Opinions of Our Clients

Very fast shipping the next day was at home. You helped me know which one to choose and you were totally right. I've already used it and it's been great. I will definitely recommend you to all my colleagues. Now to enjoy the summer!

Assessment PingaOculto
Opinion PingaOculto

The attention is very good and punctual, I tried the camera because the truth is that I have seen some identical ones for a higher price, and this one has good quality and if there is good internet it is also fluid. The best option without a doubt in spy cameras. 

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